Fractal Accounting
Fractal Accounting is a web-based Accounting software which allows all the staffs of a company to work with it from anywhere, whether in the office or outside, even from another country.

You can Make your Business Process Management easy & smart with Fractal Accounting giving you the following capabilities:

- Multi-user, web-based application
- User Access/Level administration
- Stock and Inventories
- Local Purchase (and Import)
- Sales (and Export)
- P/Invs and Contracts management
- Productions and Costing management
- Stock Reports including
      ● Inventory Items Balance
      ● Goods Movements (Cardex)
- Multi-Currency Accounting including:
      ● Multi-Currency Debit & Credit Notes
      ● Multi-Currency Payments & Receipts
      ● Multi-Currency Client/Provider’s Statements of Accounts
- Managing Company’s Chart of Accounts
- Automatic Voucher Issuing after all transactions like Sales, Purchase, Production, Return of Sales, Payments & Receipts, 
- Smart Manual Voucher Composing (Auto-suggesting Account Codes while typing)
- Accounting Reports including:
      ● Review VCRs
      ● Account Movements
      ● Balance Sheet
      ● Trial Balance
      ● Profit & Loss
      ● Profitability Indicators
- Emailing Company's Reports to the managers
- Emailing Statement of Accounts to the Clients/Providers
- Drawing Smart Charts & Graphs
- Closing Fiscal Years and Creating new ones
- and many more one-click features.

You may have a look at the Fractal Accounting Demo in html format. (Please note that since this sofware is still under continuous development, there might be some difference in the icons and pages among the screen-shots.)

  Mehran Hoodeh, Fractal Accounting Main Page  
  Fractal Pilot:

Since Fractal Accounting is web-based, you need a browser application to work with it. As there are many browsers these days out there (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, etc.), I decided to develop the most compatible one to Fractal Accounting for working with it. Although you have the option to work with Fractal Accounting with any browser that you wish, but because of so many differences in the W3C Protocols that exist among different browsers, one cannot guarantee a web based application to be fully compatible with all kinds of browsers. It is very common that the developer of a web based application usually recommends the best browsers to their users, and for Fractal Accounting we recommend Fractal Pilot.