(Based on Microsoft DirectX 7.0)
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Mehran Hoodeh, HeliFly Software

Using mGIS data models, this sophisticated virtual flight can bring the user the best imagination of the terrain model and the objects on it.
This software has 4 different running type chosen before beginning the flight:

- Free Flight.
- Combat Vs Computer.
- Combat Vs Another Person (in the LAN) .
- Conferencing (in the LAN) .

There are some useful capabilities in this software that makes it more applicable:

Plants can be virtually made up with a raster detection for greens (or any other colors specified by the user) .
are automatically generated by a vector layer of polygons having a polygon topology with Height of the buildings in the Z attribute.
Alert Zones control the flight to give attentions to the user being approached to any specific areas.
It can also be run under 3 separate monitors simultaneously handling Left, Front & Right Views.

Mehran Hoodeh, Fly over Damavand  Mehran Hoodeh, Fly over Iran North West
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Mehran Hoodeh, Fly over City Buildings  Mehran Hoodeh, Fly over Tehran

Click here for an animated sample.

  Mehran Hoodeh, Fly Sample    Note: Click on the image to view a full animated version, only if you have a high-speed internet line, to download 2.5Mb .