(Integrated Websites)
  IWS is an Internet-Enabled Windows Application which integrates a number of web-sites into one single application. These web-sites can be company's or other web-sites from other places.
Each staff in the chain of the companies (in which I currently work) has a 2-letter abbreviated username assigned to them. This was actually innovated by our boss to keep tables and messages as short as possible. By using this short-name, they can log into IWS which would then take them into the network of staffs all around the globe and:
- start communicating with them,
- follow up their tasks,
- see the Weather Report in our working cities (to plan trips),
- see the Working Status and Local Times in the related countries,
- chat with the online staff or put messages for offline ones (which will be delivered to them when they get online),
- download required softwares from IWS Download Center,
- write task-reminders for the coming days in the Organizer section,
- write daily Working Report which will be automatically sent to the related manager(s),
- read and study softwares Helps and User's Manuals,
- open Operational web-sites, including Fractal Accounting, Pistachio Price system, Export & Import contracts sheets and view/set the status of the contacts,
- and do many other tasks.

  Mehran Hoodeh, IWS Desktop Application Snap-shot  
  To get more familiar with this software, you may have a look at IWS User's Manual or download the Demo movie.
(Please note that since this sofwares is still under continuous development, there might be some difference in the icons and forms among the screen-shots of the user-manual and the related ones in the movie.)