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A War-Atlas includes the records of events having had happened in a war or a battle. An Atlas of war usually includes the maps of the area, some hand-drawn 3D models of the mountains or so, and a long text description of the sequence of the events. Many of such Atlases are trained in academic courses for students of military.

The problems of a War Atlas being in the book-form are:
1) the time one should spend to fully understand the situation, and
2) the hardship of imagination of the battle situation and its events.

To reduce these difficulties, there have been made a lot of 2D & 3D animations for many of wars and battles because of their importance in the history or for effective training courses. On the other hand, making animations are not as easy and straight forward as they might seem in the first place and their problems are known to anybody working in this field, such as:
* requiring a lot of the animation-making knowledge,
* requiring familiarity with the softwares in this field,
* difficult interfaces of such softwares to work with,
* the lack of proper and easy-to-use tools to describe an event,
* the implementation of parallel occurrence (timing) of the events is not trouble-free,
* the change in a part of the scenario sometimes result in the change of sequence of events and may consume a lot of time and energy to be re-implemented,
and many other problems.

With War Atlas, any kind of military actions can be animated in an innovative approach: just type the scenario of the action in a specific format and the system renders the animation instantly. While the animation is playing back, you can fly to any point and see the action from any angle.
This way of defining the scenario and animation environment have the following advantages:

- No need to Animation-making knowledge
- Fast and easy scenario creation, editing and amending
- Active Animation : No fixed-camera animation; user may fly freely in the area while animation is playing back
- Animation Speed Control
- Locking camera on an specific object
- No Video Players needed
- etc.
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  Mehran Hoodeh, WarAtlas in HeliFly Movie-Demo  
  To download a full Demo movie of a sample animation made in this software and HeliFly, click here. (The file size is about 95 MB in .mp4 movie-file.)

To view the actual scenario of the animation shown in the above movie-demo click here. (There also comes an English translation, too, for better understanding of the scenario.)