War Game Engine
  War Game Engine provides the fundamental GIS and Game Interface functionalities that a War Game application needs to be built.
Based on the engine that I developed for ISIRAN CO., I also developed a sample War Game Server and a Client application which is very similar to War Atlas in the definition of the units of the Red and the Blue parties, their initial positions, the referee, the commanders/players and their authorities on the units (in fact their role in the Game), the visibility of the units to each player (according to the intelligence data available to a commander) and so on.

War Game app that I have developed is a LAN-based application in which each player works on its own station in the network when the Game starts.
The main goals of the War Game software applications can be:
- ranking a military student by putting him in a test situation,
- ranking a military commander by putting him in a simulated situation, and
- simulating and ranking, finding weaknesses and finally amending an action scenario before being practically run in the real world.

  Mehran Hoodeh, WarGame Logo