Mehran Hoodeh, History
Date Place History
   Feb 27, 1973 Tehran, Iran Date of Birth
  1979-1991 School - Mathematics & Physics
I got my High School Diploma in 1991 from Kamal High School, Tehran, Iran.
  1991-1997 Shahid
- BSc Applied Math
- 2D/3D Graphics
I got my BSc from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.
  1997-1999 National Service - 2D Maps
- 3D modeling
- Remote Sensing
Doing the conscription (Compulsory National Service,) I worked as a software programmer in the Army and developed a basic GIS software. This, then, became the basis for a work proposal from ISIRAN Co. which is a part of the Ministry of Defence.
  1999-2003 ISIRAN Co. Windows based 3D GIS Apps including:
- Innovating Smart Map Digitization
- 3D Graphics, Modeling & Analysis
- Satellite Image Processing
- Flight Simulation
- War Atlas
- War Game GIS Engine

I worked in this company as the main developer of mGIS, HeliFly, WarAtlas and WarGame softwares and during this time I had the chance to do some team-work, leading the GIS teams developing other applications in the related areas.
  2003-2004 Manchester
- MSc Computing
I moved to England to do my MSc. I got my MSc with Distinction from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004 and then returned back to Iran.
  2004-2006 ISIRAN Co. I returned to my previous job in ISIRAN Co.
  2006 to present Viraman,
Arvin Metals &
- Developing web-based Office Automation Apps
- Developing Financial & Accounting Apps
I'm currently working as the software developer and the IT Manager in these 3 import/export companies, all under one single investor company.