Mehran Hoodeh, History
Date Place Educations, Experiences, Awards
   Feb 27, 1973 Tehran, Iran Date of Birth
  1979-1991 School - Mathematics & Physics
I got my High School Diploma in 1991 from Kamal High School, Tehran, Iran.
  1991-1997 Shahid
- BSc Applied Math
- 2D/3D Graphics
I got my BSc from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran.
  1997-1999 National Service - 2D Maps
- 3D Modeling
- Remote Sensing
Doing the conscription (Compulsory National Service,) I worked as a software programmer in the Army and developed a basic GIS software. This, then, became the basis for a work proposal from ISIRAN Co. which is a part of the Ministry of Defence.
  1999-2003 ISIRAN Co. Windows based 3D GIS Apps including:
- Innovating Smart Map Digitization
- 3D Graphics, Modeling & Analysis
- Satellite Image Processing
- Flight Simulation
- War Atlas
- War Game GIS Engine

I had a contract with this company as the main developer of mGIS software.
When I was about to leave this company, I was awarded an appreciation letter for which I've always been grateful and proud:

Whn I was in England, doing my MSc, I was informed that mGIS had attended Khwarizmi Festival and was awarded the 3rd grade prize. (First and second grades were vacant with no other softwares selected.)

  2003-2004 Manchester
- MSc Computing
I moved to England to do my MSc. I got my MSc with Distinction from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004. My MSc dissertation was on using Back Propagation Neural Networks to recognize the State of the Mouth from online and offline images. You may have a look at some parts of it in here:

I, then, returned back to Iran, as our first baby was on her way and my lovely wife liked it to happen in her home country.
(FYI, 2 lovely daughters named Mahroo and Mahta shape the color and glaze of my and my wife's life at the moment.)
  2004-2006 ISIRAN Co. I was proposed to return to my previous job in ISIRAN Co. for adding some more capabilities to mGIS. But, after a short time, I left there to join a group of commercial companies in a very diverse field.
  2006 to present Viraman,
Arvin Metals &
- Developing web-based Office Automation Apps
- Developing Financial & Accounting Apps
I'm currently working as the IT Manager in these 3 import/export companies, all under one single investor company. And, because of my ever-going interest in computer programming, I'm still developing softwares in accounting and financial fields which, nowadays, are demanded by every company.