Mehran Hoodeh, IMAGINE 3D

What are Stereo Images?
Two images which are take from one object/scene but in two different views with overlapping sections are called "Stereo Images."
In fact, the basic of seeing the world in 3D (which gives us the perception of distance or depth of view) is that we are actually looking at everything within two separate eyes, each of which is like a camera, hence providing the brain two overlapping views from anything.

What are they used for?
They are usually used to make a single view with a fairly good depth, which is more similar to viewing with same sight.

How can they make a 3D view?
It's simply your brain's job, when it's fed with what it needs to feel 3D (depth in a view).

How  "I M A G I N E   3 D"  differs from stereo-images?
Stereo Images send two different images to the brain each of which from within an eye, so the brain feels the depth in the view.
But, in my technique, the tiny movement of the object gives the brain many different images from your object.

In another word, in Stereo Images the object is fixed and the camera point is changed, but in IMAGINE 3D the camera point is fixed and the object moves a tiny bit in a repeating manner.

Easy to perceive.
- No special glasses required.

- Software demanding.
- CPU/GPU consuming.

  I M A G I N E  3 D Sample  
  Mehran Hoodeh, IMAGINE 3D